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Insights you can act on.

We build software for financial markets

We make complex analysis feasible, and take nothing for granted. We actively work with all kinds of customers.

We are curious about the limits of what we can discover and model.

We build financial tools for ourselves and clients.

Cloud Risk API

Portfolio risk management infrastructure for complex portfolios and pairs trading.

Complete coverage every global equity markets, currency cross, and global future. Our speed is your competitive advantage.

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Custom Development

Off the shelf tools not enough? Let us build you a suitable solution

We create financial indicators, analytics dashboards apps and trading strategies. We can handle FPGAs, big data and low latency projects.

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Investment Research

Over 130k daily insights into price action, fundamentals & global events.

We've created a resource for anyone who wants to learn more about risk management, trade management and market timing via commentary.

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Accrue™ Platform

Do you think your trading hunch is enough? You also need to see the data.

The markets have evolved. Our insightful tools were born from this evolution. Available January 2015.

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What gets measured gets improved

We find new ways to solve problems. Don't believe us yet? Tap the figure.

>Don't believe us yet? Tap the figure.

The world's financial leaders use our Accrue™ platform. Find out why today.

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We are a small team, with lots of talent to perform and innovate.

Accrue - 41 Madison Avenue, 31st Floor Manhattan, New York 10010